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Master List of Fics!
Here is the most current list of all my Holmes fics. They tend to be BBC-verse, but some Ritchie-verse or canon stuff might show up. Everything is likely to be male/male oriented, so if that sort of thing bothers you, it would do you well to steer clear. I also write things anti-chronologically, so this is the best way to read things in order. Spoilers for everything apply.


Westwood Living series:
  • Recruiting (R) Jim/Sebastian- Six years ago, Jim Moriarty found himself looking for a new bodyguard. And even before he knew he was, Sebastian Moran was looking for a new employer.
  • Get a Day Job (R) Jim/Sebastian- In preparation of his meeting with Sherlock in the biggest game of all, Jim knows he wants to get closer to him. He should get a job...
  • Jim from IT (R) gen/ hints of Jim and Seb- Jim? Jim from the hospital?  Moriarty’s side of the events leading up to the Great Game…including the hell of being the Napoleon of Crime and taking tech calls.
  • Wear a Scarf (R) Jim/ Sebastian- Jim Moriarty still has some things to take care of before the Great Game...including breaking up with Molly and keeping his minions very very happy.
  • Locker Room (R) Jim/ Sebastian- Don't want to be too spoilery here, but Sebastian has some things to get off his chest after the pool.
  • Live Stream (NC-17) Jim/ Sebastian- Someone asked in another fic is there was sex. Well...yes. Jim figures a live broadcast should clear that up.
  • I Started a Joke (R) Jim/ Sebastian- Well...Jim thinks that whole ending was disappointing and funny. Sebastian disagrees. Vehemently.
One Shots:
  • Saved as Draft (R) John/ Sherlock- You know those posts for your blog that you save and never post? Yeah, John does it too.
  • Stream of Bloody Consciousness (R) John/ Sherlock- John Watson, real time, when Sherlock tries something he hadn't before. Well, what did you think would come of sleeping in Sherlock's bed?

New links for old MorMor fanmixes
Finally re-uploaded these!

Who's Gonna Make You a Hero? a Jim/ Sebastian fanmix

Zip available HERE.

Reichenbach Falling in Love: a Jim/ Sebastian fanmix

Zip available HERE.


Fic: I Started a Joke
Title: I Started a Joke
Pairing: Jim/ Sebastian
Rating: R
Wordcount: 3500
Spoilers: The Reichenbach Fall
Warnings: Bad language, blood, ill treatment of expensive clothes, slash
Summary: Well...Jim things that whole ending was disappointing and funny. Sebastian disagrees. Vehemently.

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Post Reichenbach writer's angst

I'm not sure what to write now. Got the start of a 'fix it' fic and the start of a 'nope, didn't fix it' fic.

I'm so conflicted!

Reichenbach Falling in Love [a Jim Moriarty/ Sebastian Moran fanmix]

I actually put together the songs for this months ago, when the Reichenbach Fall seemed so very far away. Now Sunday draws on, and I need to get this up! Cover art by the ever talented jcrowquill. Look at Sebastian's little bruise! Aww!

Song list and download link for the .zip file below the cut.

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Fic: Locker Room
Title: Locker Room
Author: Jim_in_Westwood
Pairing: Jim/ Sebastian
Rating: R
Warnings: Jim's bad language
Word Count: 1300
Disclaimer: No one belongs to me, with the exception of Truffle. Sigh.
Summary: Don't want to be too spoilery here, but Sebastian has some things to get off his chest.
SPOILERS A Scandal in Belgravia. Be warned!

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Fic: Live Stream

Title: Live Stream
Author: Jim_in_Westwood
Summary: Someone asked in another fic if there was sex. Well...yes,.Jim figures a live broadcast will clear that up.

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1400
Warnings: Slash, Jim's bad language, rough play in bed.
Pairings: Jim/ Sebastian
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me, not a single one of them!
Author’s note: This is just a quickie, as it were. Haven’t written any Jim/ Sebastian in awhile, but this does follow along with my other fics. Also...this turned out to be more comedy than I'd intended.

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Who's Gonna Make You a Hero? [a Jim Moriarty/ Sebastian Moran mix]

15 songs, mp3 format.
Pairing: Jim Moriarty/ Sebastian Moran. Because that's what people do.
Album art, track listing, and download link below the cut.

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Start of a potential fic
Alright...I'm ready to really be back. Today is my birthday (hoorah for me!), and I wrote a little introduction piece that may become a fic having to do with Jim Moriarty finally deciding to get involved with the Sherlock Holmes 'problem' he's been having. I'm only posting this to my journal because it's hardly complete (and may never be), but I figure that by posting something- anthing!- it'll whet my appetite and get me back into the swing of things.

I’m wearing a Maurice Sedwell suit that’s charcoal grey. I’m wearing a pair of Fluevog Radio CBCs in a sort of green and blue plaid. My pocket square cost more than the shoes. It’s a sort of pink. Mauve. Actually, the color is called ‘antique rose,’ which is less queer than pink. Somehow. Makes it less pink. Ish. Sebastian’s looking at me with one eyebrow high on his forehead while the other one is slanted downwards. He looks like a Japanese emoticon. Or some sort of punctuation.
“Boss, I got you those shoes as a joke. You never had to wear them.”
I stare at him a moment. He’s due to shoot a man dead in ten minutes. He isn’t wearing a tie and the collar of his shirt is undone. His hair is still wet from his shower. If we were to travel back in time forty-five minutes, we would be fucking.
“I’ve never owned plaid shoes before. Why wouldn’t I wear them?”
His punctuation changes.
“You’re sexy.”
“I know.”
My name is Jim Moriarty, and I once put a small cat in a microwave to see if what they say about cats in microwaves is true. Actually, I have no idea what they say about cats in microwaves. But I do own plaid shoes. Or did two years ago. That’s when my little story takes place. Two years ago, in October.

I have returned!
My month and a half of insanity seems to have finally drawn to a close. Sister's wedding, various birthdays and holidays and the final travellings to Canada are done, done, done. I'm prepared to take control of my house again (the dining room, she is quite a mess), read "Ulysses" and prepare some deviousness for Bloomsday, and WRITE A BLOODY FANFIC! I know that I've missed a ton of great works by other writers which bums my trip a bit. If you know any I should read, please rec me!

I also would like to eat a steak today and buy a new Silpat, but we can't get everything we want in life.


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